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What Does It Mean to be Supportive?

Being supportive is one of the best things you can do for someone else. It will also help you learn how to move through your own hard emotions.

Let’s talk about what it generally means to be supportive & later in the week we will talk about how to be supportive in different ways.

The basic idea of being supportive is helping & assisting someone else. It can also be someone that provides emotional support & encouragement.

One of the biggest traits of someone that is supportive is their ability to accept people as they are & makes those around them feel safe & comfortable.

The general characteristics of supportive people tend to be: integrity, caring & congeniality.

But one important piece of being supportive is the need for also being realistic.

It’s necessary to realize that you can’t always be the yes man to someone. You need to be supportive & helpful, but also honest & down to earth with your perspectives & truths.

There is nothing helpful about encouraging someone to continue on the path they are on, especially if it’s painful & destructive or pushing them to make a decision that will reap regret & trouble in the future.

You need to be mindful of what you’re supporting & if it isn’t in line with what you know they want or what would be the best decision to make, you have to have the confidence to speak up & give them guidance, in addition, to support.

And lastly, it’s important to know that your support of others can depend on what type of relationship it is. Being supportive of your close friend will be different from supporting your spouse than supporting your sibling. You might be able to be even more candid with those you are closer to & might need to keep a little more space with others.

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